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Straw Cleaners

Introducing our Nylon Straw Cleaners – the perfect companions for keeping your reusable straws pristine and ready for use! Available in two sizes – 20cm and 24cm – these nylon straw cleaners are essential tools for effortless maintenance.

Crafted with durable nylon bristles, our straw cleaners effectively remove any residue or debris from the inside of your straws, ensuring they remain hygienic and clean after every use.

The 20cm cleaner is ideal for shorter straws, such as cocktail straws or our 20cm Bamboo Straws. For longer straws, like our 24cm Bamboo Straws or other reusable options, the 24cm cleaner offers perfect coverage and thorough cleaning.

Designed with convenience in mind, our nylon straw cleaners are flexible yet sturdy, making them easy to maneuver through the curves and bends of your straws.

Make sustainable living a breeze with our Nylon Straw Cleaners – the eco-friendly solution for maintaining your reusable straws. Clean, convenient, and essential for any eco-conscious household, our nylon straw cleaners ensure you’ll always sip responsibly and sustainably.

Embrace the joy of reusable straws while effortlessly keeping them spotless and ready for use. Elevate your eco-friendly lifestyle with our Nylon Straw Cleaners today!


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